Investment Criteria

WestView Capital Partners is focused exclusively on partnering with managers of middle market companies in North America to help them achieve the strategic, financial and operational objectives of their businesses.

Industry Focus

We have the flexibility and capability to take advantage of the most attractive market opportunities across many industries. The WestView team has significant experience in the following sectors:

  • Business Services
  • Software and IT Services
  • Consumer
  • Healthcare Technology & Outsourcing
  • Growth Industrial

Investment Size and Structure

We seek to invest $15 to $60 million of equity in companies with exceptional managers. We have the willingness and ability to structure larger investments through co-investment from our limited partners and other investors.

We focus on companies which have the following criteria:

  • Consistency and growth in historical financial performance
  • EBITDA between $3 and $20 million
  • Sustainable competitive advantages and market position

We prefer to be the lead equity investor, but will always consider co-investing with others who share our investment thesis. We are equally comfortable as a minority or majority investor.

Transaction Types

We provide flexible financing structures that allow us to satisfy the unique needs of management and existing shareholders. As both minority and majority investors, we invest in recapitalizations, growth financings, buyouts and consolidations.


WestView can satisfy the needs of owners and managers who seek liquidity for themselves and/or non-management shareholders, but desire to retain operational control and a meaningful equity position in their business. We believe that minority or majority recapitalizations can provide an attractive alternative in a company’s lifecycle to an outright sale or public equity offering of the business.

Growth Financings

WestView can provide equity to enable companies to expand more rapidly through organic initiatives or finance acquisitions that require immediate capital. We will use our financial relationships to assist the company in securing debt financing, if appropriate, to supplement additional equity financing.


Westview enables existing management teams to assume control and obtain significant ownership positions in companies that are acquired from corporations, inactive founders or other shareholders. In these transactions, we provide management teams with substantial upside through equity participation and utilize our longstanding financial relationships to assist the company in securing debt financing. We use the amount of leverage that is appropriate for the transaction, ensuring cash flow is available for future growth initiatives and maintaining our philosophy that growth, rather than leverage, should drive investment returns.


WestView typically will partner with an existing management team in acquiring a solid initial platform and provide additional capital for subsequent acquisitions. We believe it is important to acquire an initial platform of meaningful scale to avoid integration issues as additional acquisitions are consummated. Given our resources and experience, we will assist management teams in identifying, conducting due diligence of, and negotiating with potential acquisition candidates.